We offer telecommunications solutions for remote areas, cottages, camping or motorized enthusiasts … We adapt our services to each situation, to let you connect, no matter where you are.

Solar panels

You have a house connected to solar energy? We can install our Xplornet Internet or Shaw Direct Satellite TV systems without problem. The energy needs of our systems and electronics can vary the number of panels you will need. Ask our team for more information!

1-866-916-2226 ext.201 or nalbert@nj-albert.com

TV camping

You travel by motorized and you wish to have a functional television service. We have three options for you, of different prices:


As with campgrounds, you can buy a tripod for the antenna, whether you are on a campground for the season or on the road. With a compass, you can even realign the antenna when you are traveling.


Floating base

The floating base, or also called flat roof base, can also be used for people traveling in their RV. It is very popular among campers. Just install it on the floor, and attach the antenna. Using a compass, you can even perform the realignment of the television antenna.

Antenna for Motorized Winegard

Take your Shaw Direct system with you with Winegard’s Trav’ler mobile satellite system. This antenna, installed on the roof of your RV, is automatically positioned to the satellite, without you having to worry about it. It will find its signal of itself after a displacement.


Internet and television at the cottage

For cottages, we have Xplornet’s satellite technology that provides Internet service anywhere in remote areas. We install a dome on the roof of the house, and high speed internet access is available! Same thing for television, we have Shaw Direct fixed systems that offer a television service in the region, as in the city! Visit our packages in the top tabs: INTERNET XPLORNET and TELEVISION SHAW DIRECT.

Satellite phone

Our Internet provider Xplornet offers residential telephony service via its Internet access. It is therefore possible for users of Xplornet’s Internet access to access VOIP telephony at a low price (see the Telephony section above). For those who would like to make emergency calls out of cellular networks, we also have several solutions. We have satellite phones to make calls outside cellular networks, from the popular brand Iridium. We also have messaging devices, which can send text messages to your friends, but also emergency messages, if any. The devices are equipped with GPS, it can send your location to emergency centers, and at a much lower cost than satellite phones. Visit our online store for all details : https://www.nj-albert.com/categorie-produit/telephonie/

Cellular signal amplifier

The weBoost cell phone booster for the home has been designed to dramatically improve your coverage in one or two rooms in your home, so you do not have to worry about dead spots. This works particularly well in modern, energy-efficient buildings known to contain materials that weaken cell signals. Best of all, the signal booster not only boosts your signal on your own mobile devices, including tablets and laptops, it is also suitable for anyone you invite to your home. Visit our shop for different models of cellular boosters : https://www.nj-albert.com/categorie-produit/telephonie/