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Save Money Now!


Do you use your cellular data to connect to the Internet?

Let us introduce you to a better solution with invoices without surprise!

Xplornet offers an option named “Option to the limited state”, which can reduce your speed when you used all your monthly data, instead of paying for your overage. This option helps avoid surprises when you receive your bill. Xplornet allows you to have full control of what you pay for!

If this option is less suitable, you can select the second option or “billable”. Thus, you will pay $ 2 per GB used in addition. Xplornet is the cheapest internet provider regarding the use of additional data. Most competitors will charge you an additional fee between $ 10 and $ 15 per GB!

For more details on packages offered in your area, click here or call us now at 1-866-916-2226 ext.c1.

The NJ Albert Telecommunications team