LTE 350 Gb
$59,99 3 months
50 Mbps
350 Gb
LTE 500 Gb
$59,99 3 months
50 Mbps
500 Gb
$59,99 3 months
50 Mbps
Unlimited data

Satisfaction guarantee or money back

In order to test our service with peace of mind, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied and want to cancel the subscription, you can do it without fear and we will refund your expenses paid in the first month^1.

Download as you want, at no extra cost

With Xplornet, you have an option that allows you to download data in an unlimited amount, with no hidden fees or surprise fees. Once you have reached the monthly bandwidth limit, your speed will be decreased. No overload will be applied^2.

100% Canadian

Xplornet’s Internet provider is based in Canada only, and does not do business with third parties anywhere else in the world. You pay for a 100% Canadian service. A bilingual service is offered, so no fear not to be understood with the language.

No credit check

No credit check is required for a subscription to our Xplornet Internet Services. Everyone is accepted!

WIFI router

Finally the Xplornet Wi-Fi router has arrived! It offers excellent Wi-Fi coverage in your home with state-of-the-art technology for only $5/month: Advanced technology, excellent coverage, dual function, centralized support, high security, and more again. You can also choose to buy a Wi-Fi router that will cost you less in the long run!

Contact us

1If you are not satisfied with our service, for any reason, you will receive a refund if you cancel your subscription within 30 days from the activation date. To cancel your service, contact Xplornet Customer Service. Xplornet will refund the amounts charged to the account for the cost of a basic installation (where applicable, up to a maximum of $ 199), the one-time activation fee and any other amount paid to Xplornet during the first 30 days of the Internet service. Any amount invoiced and linked to an improved installation fee will not be refunded.

2Once you reach the monthly bandwidth limit under the limited state plan, your speed will be reduced to 150 kbps. No overload will be applied. Under the billable rate plan, usage above the allowed allowance will be charged at $ 2 / GB.