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Internet throughout Canada!

Think the Internet is not available at home?

disponiblepartoutThink again, Xplornet is available EVERYWHERE, even at home!

With its satellite technology, Xplornet fully covers our beautiful province!  With its degree of elevation, the antenna provides a line of sight to the sky to capture the waves of its satellite. Unlike competitive technologies, we are independent of the wires who pass nearby. Everything is done between the antenna and the satellite in the air!

With our Xplornet Internet provider, today we can offer speeds up to 25 Mbps in the region, the same speeds as in large urban centres! To date, we have three types of technologies to meet your needs: LTE, WiMax and satellite. The wireless technologies such as LTE and WiMax is not available everywhere. To validate if they reach your home, call us at 1-866-916-2226 ext.1.

For more details on packages offered in your area, click here or call us now at 1-866-916-2226 ext.1.

The NJ Albert Telecommunications team