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Download more, free of charge? Unlimited? Yes it’s possible!

You do not want to pay for your excess use of Gb? It’s possible! Xplornet is one of the only Internet Service Providers to offer an option to avoid overcharging your monthly payment due to overuse of download data provided monthly. This option is named the Limited Status Option.

What is this option?

This option allows you to control your usage and have no bad surprises at the end of the month on your billing. Once you reach the monthly limit of your plan, your speed will be reduced to 150 kbps. You can still continue your activities on the Web, but with less speed! This option allows you to download more, without limits and without excess costs!

For users who would like to keep his original speed can charge his package for a superior, or decide to pay for the excess usage. This choice is made by you, not by the supplier!

Packages up to 500 GB, and more!

If you live in an area where the Wimax or LTE network is available, you can benefit from packages that include up to 500 GB of monthly data. You can add the Limited Status Option to download more at no cost!

For the satellite zones, the proposed packages go up to 200 GB of data, with the possibility to use more with the same option as on the other platforms above.

You can benefit, too, from a download speed of up to 25 Mbps!

The networks LTE and Jupiter 2 (satellite) offer you the possibility of choosing a package including speeds up to 25 Mbps! And for consumers wanting more upload speeds, speeds of up to 4 Mbps are available on the new Jupiter 2 satellite platform. Get informed!

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