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Create your own customized Satellite TV package!

Shaw Direct, satellite TV provider, announced on October 17, 2017, the return of its new packages! This announcement was eagerly awaited, since it offers many benefits to its customers, but also to new customers!

Despite very good offers, customers were paying for predetermined packages. Now customers pay for channels chosen by them!

This provider now offers 3 new French-language packages and 4 new English-language packages. Previously offered packages will still be available until mid-November.

Note that the Limited TV package, offered at $25 / month – package created by the CRTC – will always be available!

A look at English satellite packages

While having the basic TV package ($25 / month), consisting of about twenty basic channels, including TVA, Radio Canada, CTV, TV5, Unis TV, CBA and City, Shaw Direct offers a brand new package basic, named Extra Small at $39.99 per month, for a six-month term (regular at $59 / month). This package will offer the channels included in the Limited TV package, in addition to being offered with 5 American channels – ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS and NBC, and a Sports option – Golf Channel, Network, OLN, SN One, TSN. In addition, the consumer will have the opportunity to include 5 free A la carte channels in English, including CNN, History, CNBC, Disney, NBA TV, Animal Planet.

Other choices will be available with your 5 favourite channels. Also new, multiple receiver fees – FRM – (from 2 receivers) will be included (values ​​of $5.99 / month). There will no longer be an overload on your monthly bill!

If your needs are greater, you will have the option to choose between the Small package ($44.99 / month for six months) and the Medium package ($49.99 / month for six months), which offer more choice of Pay-per-view channels, and the Large package ($74.99 / month for six months), which offers all English-language specialty channels, plus a Free Film option. FRMs are also included in both packages.

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