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Automatic Antenna for RV
Automatic Antenna for RV

The Eagle TV automatic antenna system gives RV customers the choice of their preferred satellite TV provider on the same support. The viewing experience is HDTV and 4K Ultra HD simultaneously using multiple receivers and DVRs.
It’s a real home experience in the comfort of your RV!


Product Details

Product Features


  • Automatic antenna
  • Closed antenna dimensions: 37 inches wide, 8.5 inches high, 33.5 inches deep
  • When the antenna is deployed, it measures 28 inches by 33.5 inches
  • Controller: 10 “wide x 6” deep x 2 “high
  • Included :
    1 ch. EAGLE Controller
    1 ch. 1 ea antenna base. Reflector
    1 ch. LNB & LNB arm set 2 ea. Locking bracket (for Shaw Direct)
    1 ch. Plate for 25ft LNB Control cable
    1 ch. Entrance shell
    1 ch. Lid
    6 ch. 1 / 4x20x3 / 4 screw
    1 ch. Green connector, 12-pin
    1 ch. Source, 12 VDC 7 amp 1 ch. Owner’s manual





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Cellular Signal Booster WeBoost Home Multiroom 4G
Cellular Signal Booster WeBoost Home Multiroom 4G

The weBoost Home MultiRoom cell signal booster boosts networks speeds across all available signal bands (including Band 25 for enhanced Sprint support) for up to three large rooms.


  • Stylish, MultiRoom-exclusive inside antenna
  • Powerful, precision-mount outside antenna
  • Enhances cell coverage for up to 3 large rooms or 5,000 sq. ft.
  • Quick, tool free installation


Covers approximately 5000 ‘.

The Home MultiRoom also features an exclusive, inside antenna-featuring a built-in kickstand and stylish fabric cover while also providing best-in-class performance. Wall-mount installation is effortless with the included 3M Command strips. The proprietary outside antenna offers a tool-free, finger-tightened precision mount. Users will experience faster data speeds, better voice quality, fewer dropped calls, and superior streaming capability. Home MultiRoom works with all Canadian carriers.


Product Features

Product Features

Tech specs

  • Frequencies: Band 12/17 700 MHz, Band 13 700 MHz, Band 5 850 MHz, Band 4 1700/2100 MHz, Band 25/2 1900 MHz
  • Max Gain: 65 dB
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Power: 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W
  • Connectors: F-Female

Box Contents

  • Home MultiRoom
  • Outside Directional Antenna
  • Fabric Inside Panel Antenna
  • Power Supply
  • 15′ (x2) & 30′ Cables
  • Flat Window Cable
  • Outside Antenna Mounting Bracket
  • Wall Mount Brackets with Command Strips
  • Cable Mounting Clips x15




In case of breakage, the product is guaranteed with the supplier Weboost for 2 years.

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Satellite Dish Cover
Satellite Dish Cover
The antenna dish cover (dish hoodie) ensures a better signal during snowfall or ice formation. The durable fabric is universal in size, allowing it to be quickly installed on all antennas up to 34 inches in diameter (Bell, Shaw Direct 60 cm or Viasat from Xplornet).


Product details

Product features


Durable fabric

For universal antennas up to 34 inches in diameter

The antenna is not included







In the event of a defect, the product is guaranteed for 30 days with the retailer.


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