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SPOT GEN3 GPS satellite messaging


Communicate with friends and family, record your trips and be safe even outside the range of cell phones.

The SPOT Gen3 device provides you with a vital line of communication via text messaging when traveling beyond the range of cell phones. The SPOT Gen3 device, the latest addition to the award-winning SPOT devices, lets you tell your family and friends that you are safe, or, if necessary, send your GPS location to caregivers. with the touch of a button. Add this sturdy pocket device to your essentials and stay connected or on the go. Long live the adventure!


Product details

Product features


SPOT Gen3 model
Items included: Strap, Carabiner, USB Cable, Batteries and Memory Aid
Personalized message sending frequency: Select the available progress intervals of 2.5, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes and share your excursions in real time via SPOT Adventures or a SPOT sharing page.
Sending waypoints triggered by movement: SPOT Gen3 constantly tracks your position during your movement and the vibration sensors prevent the device from stopping sending progress messages only when you stop moving.
Sending waypoints continuously: SPOT Gen3 will send progress messages at the interval you have chosen as long as your device remains on and you are moving (no need to reset the device after 24 hours). Tracking never stops unless you stop!
Packages offered for the SPOT Gen3 device: 12-month package, unlimited minutes, approximately $ 300 US. Subscription on findmespot.ca.
AAA lithium batteries
Operating temperatures: -30 to +60 degrees celcius
Operating altitudes: from -100m to + 6500m
Moisture resistance: MIL-STD 810F Method 507.3, condensation from 95% to 100%
Vibration resistance: conforms to SAE standard J1455
Water tightness: according to IP67 standard (at a maximum depth of one meter lasting at most 30 minutes)





In case of breakage, the product is guaranteed with the supplier Globalstar for 6 months.