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30-day satisfaction guarantee on Internet access, or money back!

Try our Internet access for 30 days today, without fear of being caught with a contract! If you are not satisfied in your first 30 days of use, Xplornet offers a free cancellation guarantee on your Internet service!

What is this guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your new Internet access for any reason, you will receive a refund if you cancel your subscription within 30 days of the activation date. To cancel your service, you must contact Xplornet Customer Service. The latter will reimburse the amounts charged to the account corresponding to the one-time installation fee and any other amount paid to Xplornet during the first 30 days of the Internet service.

Packages offered by Xplornet

If you live in an area where the Wimax or LTE network is available, you can benefit from packages that include up to 500 GB of monthly data. You can add the Limited Status option to download more at no cost! Once you have reached the monthly limit of your package, your speed will be reduced, but you can still continue your activities on the Web.

For the satellite zones, the proposed packages go up to 200 GB of data, with the possibility to use more with the same option as on the other platforms above.

In addition, the networks LTE and Jupiter 2 (satellite) offer you the possibility to choose a package including speeds up to 25 Mbps!

Residential Phone under $ 20 per month

For less than $ 20 a month, you can benefit from a complete residential telephony package: unlimited calls, unlimited long distance in Quebec, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and many other options are included! In addition, Xplornet offers you discounts in the first months to try it cheaply! And all without commitment to a contract!

In addition, you can request to transfer your current phone number to keep it, or simply to acquire a new local phone number! Note that the number transfer is free of charge.

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